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yay for a return to blogging!


Oh, I wish I had something helpful to say. I cannot even imagine how upset I would be if I suddenly couldn't wear my engagement ring, so I am feeling for you.


Oh my goodness that must be so upsetting! But I may have an idea for you, as I have done some work as a silversmith/jeweller.

Go to a manufacturing jewellers (ask around to find the best one) and see if they can do something like stretch your current ring to make it about half to one ring-size bigger. Then see if they can solder a piece of palladium or rhodium (both white metals) underneath, where it touches your finger.

The end result will not look identical to your original ring, but there must be some modifications that will help!

A low-tech temporary solution is to coat the inside and outside of your ring in clear nail varnish. Let it try for a whole day before wearing the ring. Of course, this may also cause skin irritation, but you don't know if you don't try :) It's an old trick for copper rings, as they look pretty but turn skin green!

Best wishes :)

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