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You realize Mom will be insufferable now, right?

I'll call you soon. :)


You may want to check out a nutritionist, this person helped me when I became a vegetarian over a year ago. http://www.ebnutrition.com/

Both my wife and I went and she recommended a gluten-free and heavy protein diet for my wife and a vegetarian for me. We have felt much better since our change in diets. However, since we have different diets there is not much in common we can both eat.

The nutritionist also recommended Quinoa which has high protein amounts.


Sounds like a sensible plan.
My inner mother hen wants to caution you about fish even though I eat it about three times a week on the diet I'm following. Last week I watched a scary video about imported fish with pollution and contamination issues, so now it's nothing but "wild caught in the USA" for me.

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