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Jerri AnnJerri Ann

I read your last post earlier today and was coming back to comment, then I saw this post, so I must comment here for both. I'm tacky like that.

On the last one, no I do not wear sweatpants in public. I did at one time many years ago but not often. I am very short wasted but also very round. Therefore, sweatpants in a big enough size to accomodate my waist actually have a straddle that hangs to my knees. I do have one pair of nylon pants, like a Nike outfit, jacket and pants that match, that I've worn in the last few years but mostly I'm a jeans kind of girl for dressing down.
So, there you go, I don't think anything about people who wear sweats as long as they are clean and match the shirt they are wearing. But if they are stained with holes in them and are like purple and the person is wearing a neon green striped shirt with them, then I shake my head in wonderment.

Now, this post...omg, I have a 26 year old that works for me, a 21 year old, a 19 year old and another 21 year old. Those kids are clueless and it is funny as hell. I also have a 48 year old, a 52 year old and a couple of ladies in their mid 30's...we have it going on, those young chicks...clueless!


Onions? Dude, I guess I missed out on the 80's after all.

I'm worried about approaching the big 25 (laugh it up) and being generation-gapped by the kids I deal with that are college freshpeople and are 6 years younger than I, but entire worlds apart. Mostly with the whole cell-phone thing. Call me a luddite (or contrary) but I _never_ carried my cell phone with me when I was in college. Granted, on an 800 person campus you generally know where everyone is at all times anyway, but I digress. These kids are glued to their freakin' phones. I mean who do they talk to so much, Paris Hilton? I know that they're not talking about TV or such things, 'cause there's only 2 TVs on campus with cable.

I, of course, being cheap, do not have a landline, and thus now carry my cellphone all the time. Apparently it's a thing that grownups are supposed to do.

That's my spiel. I am wondering however where my guide to being a grownup is yet. I better get one for Christmas, sis.


Ooh, and another thing.

I never carry cash either. What a hassle. With the handy-dandy check card, I get a monthly report of where I've been wasting my money (food mostly, good thing that I'm learning vegetarian cooking.)

With cash, I'd be totally clueless as to how I squandered the proceeds of my $11.77/hour existence. Now I can weep when my statement comes every month and resolve to do better next time.

Finally, I'd like to say that my liberal-arts education did not prepare me at all for the working world, but at least I kick my co-workers behinds at Jeopardy. So there.


I will freely admit to being one of those non-cash-having debit-card-using people. If I know I'm going out with a big group, I'll try to have cash on hand, but if I forget or don't make it to an ATM and know that the place we're going takes cards? I don't really sweat it. I'm totally part of the problem here (although if I'm the only one cash-free, I'll just take the cash and have them put it all on my card. And if you're splitting it up between more than 2 cards, you have to split it evenly).


I have to confess to be being a non-cash carrier too, but in my defence, if I'm going to a group meal like that I will make the effort to go and get some. I hate taking out cash, though: I actually do most of my shopping on the internet these days, so taking out cash inevitably means that I end up with more than I actually needed, and less money in my account to spend on the stuff I actually want. And then I'll be forced to go out and buy crap I don't need with the cash that totally burns a hole in my pocket...

Chris Cactus

It's gotten cold out so I've started putting an extra blanked on my side of the bed (Beth wants nothing to do with it). I blast my little heater under my desk at work. I had a flashback to the last time I was in my grandmother's house and the heat was set to 85 or something ridiculous. And I thought, "Oh crap, this is how it starts."

Fraulein N

Now I feel old. It never occurred to me either that they could (or would!) split the check between several cards. Whoa.

Am off to shop for a rocking chair.

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