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Ack! Is it too late to wish you a happy birthday? Glad you took the day off and treated yourself. :-)

I can relate to the health concerns. I went to the doc with a neck strain a few weeks ago and ended up with a hypertension diagnosis (evidently my BP was through the roof, so the doc put me on meds immediately). Totally freaked me out. With all the snow and other things my running has been drastically curtailed. But the new diagnosis has inspired me to get serious about exercise again. I've actually gotten on the @$!# stationary bike for a couple of workouts. The diet will be trickier - I'm not a naturally healthy eater.

You will definitely get back in shape - it's in your blood. We're rooting for you! :-)


A Happy Belated Birthday!


Don't you worry about 40! I really does get better once you've passed that mark. It's liberating!

Recently I have begun exercising and decided to blog about it. It really is not so much a good read, but leaves me accountable to post and record that I AM doing it, so it motivates me a little. But the biggest motivation by far has been pulling on jeans that are never too tight anymore. Oh! I was so happy the day I bought the smaller size jeans. I think I spent an hour in the dressing room trying them on, looking at the size, bending, sitting, looking at me in the mirror, looking at the size AGAIN and then finally buying them with the thought that they must be undersized to make the consumer feel good about themselves. The jury is still out on that but they do fit fine after all! Any hoo. . . .stay motivated!

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